PSI plans to move to DHIS2.33 by late June 2020. As part of this process, we are running since early March 2020 a copy of the production server upgraded to 2.33.

2.33? Why?

There are tonnes of new features, like a new chart visualiser, better maps and more options for customising your programs in tracker (see slide deck 2.30 --> 2.33). More importantly, we need to be on a recent version to receive support and patch bugs - 2.30 is not longer supported.

How do I login in ?

Just use your normal login credentials. The date of the database copy running in the server is displayed on the landing page, so if your account existed at that time, you can login with the username/password that you had at that time.

What am I suppose to test?

You should test all the functions that you need to perform for data capture and analysis. this includes Android, for which you need to test with version 2.0.1. or more recent. You need to download from GitHub.

What should I not test?

As of March 24/2020, the following custom apps are still not adapted to 2.33

  • Organisation Unit Assignment app
  • Interpretations PSI
  • LS_dhis2-app
  • Notification Settings
  • Tabular Tracker Capture
  • Sharing Setting
  • Import Tracked Data value and entities to DHIS2
  • Usage Statistics
  • Change Log Reader
  • Approval Status

How do I report errors?

Please submit a ticket tagged as 2.33 bug

[rodrigo please update]