Implementation: to be completed by March 28/ 2020 in and 

Users roles in DHIS2 are a collection of authorities, which allow users to access and perform generic dhis2 action - do data entry, manage org units, manage users, create forms, etc. Granular control of what data (country, program) a user can access is achieved using User Groups. A user should have at least one user role assigned.

At PSI user roles are pre-defined - no one should create new user roles. They are assigned to users in accordance to their needs.  It is suggested that you always assign the user - Analytics role to all users, and then those that are required for the user to perform his/her work. The user roles are organised in two types: Admin and Users.


TypSubTypePSI DHIS2 roledescriptionkey DHIS2 authorities




Admin - Config - DataSetsAllows creation of Datasets and their related metadata (except categories)Private DataSets, Programs, Prg Indicators, Prg Rules, DEs, OptionSets, CatOptions and CatGroups. Validation Rules
Admin - Config - ProgramsAllows creation of event and tracker programs and their related metadata
Private DataSets, Programs, Prg Indicators, Prg Rules, DEs, OptionSets
Admin - Config - basic (OptionSets)Allows management of OptionSets
Private OptionsSet management. View other metadata
Admin - Config - advancedManagement of Categories & GroupSetsCategory and DE and CatOption GroupSets management 
Admin - UsersManagement of users and user groupsUser and user group management. View Roles
Admin - Org Units - basicManagement of Org Units (except Org Unit GroupSets)OUs, OUGs management. View OUGS
Admin - Org Units - advancedManagement of Org Unit GroupSets
OUGS management
AnalyticsAdmin - Analytics - basicManagement of Indicators,  Program Indicators and LegendsPrivate Prg Indicators and Indicators, Legends
Admin - Analytics - advancedManagement of Predictors and Min& Max valuesPredictors, Min & Max values
Admin - Import/ Export MetaData
Metadata Import/ Export
Admin - Import/ Export Data
Data Import/ Export
SuperUserAdmin - Superuser
All. System-wide access



CaptureUser - Data Capture/ AggregateAllows to capture aggregate dataAggregate data capture.  incl. Cache Cleaner
User - Data Capture/ EventsAllows to capture events  (no uncomplete or delete)Event data capture. No delete, no uncomplete.  incl. Cache Cleaner.
User - Data Capture/ TrackerAllows to capture tracker data (no uncomplete or delete)
Tracker data capture. No delete, no uncomplete.  incl. Cache Cleaner
User - Data Capture/ uncomplete eventsAllows to uncomplete eventsUncompletion of events
User - Data Capture/ delete TEI/ eventsAllows to delete events & TEIsDeletion of events and TEIs
User - Data AcceptanceAllows to accept dataAccept data
User - Data ApprovalAllows to approve data
Approve data
User - Data Approval at lower levelsAllows to approve data at lower levels
Approve data at lower levels
AnalyticsUser - Dashboard onlyBasic access to dashboard, interpretations and messagesDashboard, Interpretations, Messages, Reports.
User - Analytics Access to full analytical suite (no data quality)
Dashboard, Interpretations, Messages, Pivot, Visualizer, Maps, Event Rpt & Vzlrs, Reports, Run SQL views, Cache Cleaner
User - Data QualityAllows to run validationsRun data quality
User - Data ExportAllows export of data for use in other system
Download of personal data
User - Analytics Run Predictorsnot in usefuture use
AppsApp - App nameAllows to use specific custom appone per custom app