1.1 User Configuration:

Log in into DHIS2 through a Chrome browser. All system administrators will log into with the exception of system administrators in Nigeria, who will continue to log into

Open the ‘Users’ application.  There are two ways to create a new user: 1) create an account and enter user profile details yourself or

2) email an invitation to the new user to create an account and fill in their user profile details on their own.

Select either option and follow the steps below to complete the user setup

Assign user roles

With the new DHIS2 2.30 there is only one required role for an HNQIS user: _User-Data Entry Tracker.

The country specific program role ([COUNTRY ISO CODE] HNQIS) is no longer required because the new sharing settings give users access to programs and data sets through standard user roles e.g. Data entry – Aggregated, etc.

_User-Data Entry Tracker: allows the end user to enter data into a DHIS2 program. DHIS2 programs are translated into assessment surveys in the HNQIS application.

Optional roles include:

_Analytics –  All modules: This role grants access to all analytics services

Assign Organization Units

Select the data capture and maintenance organization units the user will be assigned to (this are health facilities users will have access to when logging into the HNQIS application).

Select the health facilities individually in the organization unit tree.

Assign the appropriate HNQIS program to the health facility that the user is assigned to (See ‘Program Assignment’ section below).

Select the appropriate data output and analysis organization unit (controls how much data a user will have access to when logging into DHIS2 from a browser). 

In the example, assigning the user to Kenya will give that user access to all data belonging to the program(s) they are assigned across all of Kenya.

1.4 Assign user groups

Select ‘Show more options’ appearing at the bottom– this will display available and selected user groups.

To add a user to a user group, simply move the appropriate user group to the ‘selected user groups’ column.

In most cases, each country will have two HNQIS-related user roles:

[ISO] HNQIS Basic - used for all end-users of the system to grant users the ability only to view HNQIS-related content.

[ISO] HNQIS Admin - reserved to only in-country system administrators, grants users the ability to both view and edit HNQIS-related content.