These are questions asked most on HNQIS tickets, we will continue adding more.

Q. What roles should I share with country teams when creating user accounts?

A. With the 2.30 upgrade, the user roles are no longer required as users are given access to programs and data sets through sharing settings. The new sharing settings in 2.30 means that we give access to users to programs and data sets through standard user roles (ie Data entry Aggregated, Data entry Tracker, etc) and sharing data and metadata through sharing settings of DHIS2 objects (ie Category combinations, Data Elements, Data sets and Programs).

Q. What could be the problem when I get the error message “unexpected error”

A. There are two cases in which the “unexpected error” message occurs: when you try to login with no internet connection, when the login credentials (username/password) are incorrect and when there is server downtime.

Q. I am not able to refresh the metadata, what could be the problem?

A. This is because there are unsent surveys in the Improve module. Please connect to a stable internet connection and send all the reports. To check if the surveys have been sent from the Improve module check if there is an asterisk appearing next to the survey. If there is an asterisk it means the survey has not been sent yet. To check if Action plans have been sent from the Improve module, check if there are two ticks appearing next to the score in the Action plan page. 

Q. The HNQIS app could not pull metadata from DHIS2 server or you get the error message “Error while trying to pull metadata from dhis server”?

A. Please check the login credentials (username/password) are typed in correctly. Ensure you have a strong internet connectivity. The problem could be that the user has been assigned some organization units that are not assigned to any program.

Q. I conducted an assessment, but it has now disappeared from the HNQIS app, what should I do?

A. It is unlikely an assessment disappears from the app unless you refresh the metadata or log out of the app before sending the surveys to DHIS2. Also, check if you started another survey and completed it by mistake. Go to the Improve module to see the list of all surveys or go to the monitor module to see if you will get the QoC score under the month in reference then tap on the QoC score to open the improve module for that survey.

Q. I can only see one health area assigned to the organization unit I am assessing.

A. The system admin should make sure that all the HNQIS programs are assigned to the right organization units. They should do this by going to each HNQIS program and assign each one of them to the organization units.

Q. A user account is unable to open in the HNQIS app.

A. Check if the user accounts have been configured correctly. For a basic user check to see if they have the following roles: _User – Data Entry Tracker, _Analytics – All modules, _App – Browser cache cleaner.

Q. Is there a way to modify an error in an already completed and submitted checklist?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back and correct the error. Once a checklist has been marked as complete, nothing can be changed. The way-around will be to delete the assessment from DHIS2 (submit a ticket for this) and re-enter the data with the right information

Q. I am unable to log into a demo user account. I keep getting an error while pulling metadata message

A. The problem might be that the user has been assigned some organization units that are not assigned to any program.