This document presents criteria required of MVAs performed under WHP that can count towards project deliverables.

To count MVAs towards WHP project deliverables, the five criteria on the left side of the table below must be met:

Required (1-5): 

Must have one of the following (6): 


1. Signed Agreement 
2. Quality Assurance 
3. Ongoing Support 
4. Patient Records0F2F
5. Provider Training/ Certification 
Facility Improvement 
Demand Creation 
Franchise/ Accredited 


-signed MoU
-initial facility and provider assessment
-biannual performance assessment to ensure compliance with PSI / MOH / WHO standards
-regular supportive supervision visits
-coaching during event days
-client registry carbon copy
-copies of patient records
-summary collection of demographic data
-training of new providers
-refresher training
-facility upgrades
-essential equipment provision
-promote clinic services to potential clients (IPC, mass media, etc)
-clinic event day
-membership in branded network of providers
-membership in non-branded network of providers
1. PSI or PSI-contracted partner has a signed agreement/contract/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a provider, which stipulates that the provider have in place a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or Protocols, set forth by PSI, the MOH or another nationally approved source. These SOPs/Procedures must be specified in the MOU.
2. An initial assessment of the facility and provider has been conducted by PSI staff or a PSI-contracted partner and a biannual (every two years) performance assessment is conducted to ensure that the provider continues to adhere to PSI/MOH Standard Operating Procedures.
3. Provider receives ongoing, regular support from PSI or PSI-contracted partner (this may include monthly/quarterly supervision visits and/or technical update meetings, supportive supervision/coaching, etc).
4. PSI or PSI-contracted partner reviews and collects documentation on number of clients served, such as copies of or summaries of client in-take forms.
5. PSI or PSI-contracted partner provides initial training for new providers OR provides a refresher training for providers already performing MVA services in accordance with PSI Standard Operating Procedures and training guidelines. MVA procedures performed by network providers after classroom training is complete can be counted towards WHP deliverables. This includes procedures performed on live clients during clinical practicum with a trainer and under direct supervision of PSI as part of determination towards competency.
5. In addition to requirements 1-5, PSI or PSI-contracted partner provides at least one additional
input from the following: facility improvements,
provider training, demand creation, and/or social
franchise network support.

***Please note that requirement #4 and #5 differ from PSI’s DALY credit policy for all services. Both training (initial or refresher) and patient records are a requirement for counting procedures performed towards WHP project deliverables