Background: In order to visualize the trajectory of provider insertion rates over time, the Foundation would like to see a graphical representation of average provider insertion, accounting for the fact that some providers have an ‘advantage’ over others, having joined the network earlier.


Programmatic Utility: To determine if providers are continuing to increase their insertion rates, have reached a plateau, or are declining, indicating reduced motivation.  This analysis will group providers by ‘cohorts,’ based on when they joined the network. The rationale for this is that providers who have had the benefit of longer periods of medical detailing, demand creation, and other support should have higher output than those who are new to the network (and to IUD insertion).

Measurement Methodology

Required Data

  • Provider name/unique ID
  • Year of provider entry into network
  • # of IUD clients per quarter, for last 2 years

Calculation Explanation

  • Group providers by year of entry into the network
  • Calculate the average # of insertions, per quarter, for each group of providers
  • Graph the result, as multiple lines on the same graph, for a 2 year time period
  • Indicate, for each line, the number of providers in that cohort
  • Label each line in the legend, indicating what year it represents

Output Example